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Creating the design that best meets the Client’s needs involves a creative process that relies on significant Client involvement. Rarely can a designer disappear for a few days or weeks and emerge with the perfect design, and that is usually not the most effective approach to using a designer. We operate a four stage process to create the design best suited to meet the Client’s needs. This is applicable to other things we do



Our design team will meet client to discuss the design project and collect information regarding the goal of the design project, branding and messaging themes, intended audience, and other relevant specifics including existing positive and negative examples.


Idea & Concept

Applying the information gathered in the research stage, our team will concept 2-3 different design approaches for initial evaluation, review, and discussion. The Client can select a design “as his” to move forward with final design, suggest some specific changes to a design (i.e. color changes, rendering adjustments) for a final design, or combine elements of the concept designs to move toward a final design. If none of the concept designs are acceptable, the Client should be able to use these concepts as a springboard to providing specific guidance to our team for creating a final graphic design. We will then create a single concept design that reflects the Clients descriptions and direction.


Final Design

Once a concept approach is selected and approved, our team will implement the concept in a fully realized design element/deliverable.



Our team will present and review the final design with the Client and make any tweaks and adjustments on the deliverable design. If the Concept phase was successful then changes to the Final Design should be minor. Once the design element/deliverable is acceptable, the associated files are delivered and the graphic design project is complete.


Answer following simple questions to describe your logo design requirements

Logo Design Requirement


Following questions are only to get your vision of the required design, so that our team can support you better.
It is not necessary to answer all of these questions, but recommended.
Try to be close to your thoughts of your design while selecting answers.
You can mention in your comments that you like to see some variations on it too.
You can leave any question/option to our designer choice and creativity too.
Examples shown with questions are only examples and final result may not be the same.
Our designers will give weight to your feedback through this form, but if required, may also provide some variation, where we feel necessary.
You are welcome to send us any suggestion to improve this questions or examples.
Briefly tell us about your company, as regards this logo design
Use the box to write the tagline or slogan you want with your logo. IF you don't want, leave it empty.
Kindly explain how you want your logo to look like using the box. Be as descriptive as possible. If you want a specific symbol or object to be included in the logo, kindly mention it. Leave empty if you want to leave everything to our creativity.
Kindly mention the colours your prefer. You can also state the ones you dislike by stating e.g. I dislike red colour
DO you have a particular font in mind? Kindly name it here.
Separate each url with comma(,).
Enter your whatsApp number to contact you with